Kyrios Independent School was established in 2011 when the owners were faced with serious challenges with regards to their youngest son’s schooling. As busy “business owning” parents who care deeply about their children, they needed to find the best possible solution. They decided to employ a teacher to home-school their son. This turned out to be a successful endeavour as their son’s results and his attitude improved significantly. Soon there were requests from friends to join the home-schooling group. The result: for the 2011 school year the six grade 12 learners in the school all passed successfully. From there it is all history.

In 2014 a primary school was opened and the school’s board purchased a 13 hectar farm in Groenvlei. In 2015 the board of directors employed a new management team who have been working tirelessly to not only grow the school, but also build a legacy. Kyrios is truly a one of a kind school community.


This is the heart of Kyrios. By being able to give more individual attention, and understanding the unique needs of each child, Kyrios Independent School changes lives. We keep our classes small (approx 20 learners) and our main focus is on the individual child, and on the specific needs of that child. The teachers and academic management monitor academic performance closely and implement intervention strategies to remediate, where necessary, and to stimulate growth.


Ethos: Christian and Biblical principles underpin Kyrios Independent School’s operation, vision, and mission.

Vision: Kyrios Independent School endeavours to provide each individual with the opportunity to achieve his or her true potential academically, socially and spiritually. By attending to the specific need of each individual, we strive to develop responsible, upright and productive learners that will integrate into society.

Mission: Kyrios Independent School strives to create a safe, healthy and enjoyable environment, which offers a unique approach wherein learners are guided to display respect for self and others, academic excellence, and responsible conduct.

Values: Respect, Honesty, Self-Discipline, Generosity, Responsibility, Diligence. 

Our motto is Faith, Hope, Love and that is what we live by at Kyrios. We have faith in God, but also in each and every child.  We have hope in the future of every learner and we believe that we are equipping them to be the best that they can be.  Through all of this is the golden thread of love – love for our Maker, for ourselves and for each other.

Through faith, hope and love, we can change the lives of each and every child that crosses our path.




At Kyrios we strive to create and maintain a safe learning and teaching environment. To enable the school management to be successful in this we have a Learner Code of Conduct. Our basic rule is that no one may disrupt school life. Self-discipline is preferred, but if anyone is incapable thereof, the school must provide the necessary procedures to enforce discipline. We have a merit and demerit system to help with this. The Senior Management Committee (SMC) is responsible for discipline. Learners who are not willing to honour our school culture will be very unhappy at Kyrios. Parents are responsible for their child’s behaviour and the task is impossible without their support. Therefore we include their part in their child’s behaviour in our contract with them and on an ongoing process regularly send updates on merit and demerit totals. There are several interventions in facilitating the correction of behaviour which include notifying parents, detention and interviews with learners and parents. The Learner Code of Conduct also makes provision for Disciplinary hearings and Internal appeals. This important policy is available at the office or downloadable from the D6 School Communicator App used by learners and parents. The Learner Code of Conduct is reviewed regularly.